Having Your Child\\\\’s First Birthday

Your children are the most precious gifts God has given you. From the day they were born you can’t help but buy and buy just to give them everything they need to make them feel like the little prince or princess they are.

Soon your Child will be turning one making you wonder how fast time went since they were born. But the wonder goes away fast as you must now plan an amazing first Birthday party! Sure they may not remember it when they grow up but deep down you know your child deserves an amazing first Birthday on this planet since they were born. So where to start?

Selecting the Right Place

There’s no need to spend so much by having an extravagant party your child wouldn’t remember once they grow up by having it in a posh hotel or someplace similar. First birthdays should be homely, though there isn’t anything wrong with having it outside, having it at home is what most families do. But if you decide to have it outside, keep in mind of your budget when selecting halls or other locations. Most places provide additional services of making customized invites with their name on the invitation card making it easier for you.

Handling the Catering and Cake

Selecting the first birthday cake for your child can be a challenge especially due to the wide variety of options present. Most bakeries have websites with pictures of what they have made earlier that you can get an idea from. Some even have the feature of allowing you to customize your cake online and provide birthday cake delivery.

So simply describe what you have in mind and allow them to show you their design. Of course to avoid any misinterpretations it’s best to handle discussions in person so that the baker can understand the dimensions of your cake and every other detail well. Having the option of birthday cake delivery eases you of the worry of transporting the said cake. This is very useful especially if the cake you had in mind consists of many intricate and delicate layers.

When selecting the caterer to your event, you have the option of either having your food delivered just before the event or have the food cooked up while the event is happening. In either case be sure that the caterers are from reputed organizations and are certified chefs. Most of your guests will be young ones after all, so it’s important that the food is good and safe!

Selecting your Invites and Deciding Events

Speaking of young ones, when selecting invites keep in mind that this is your child’s first birthday, so invite many young ones with their parents as well to make it look more like a children’s party than any other. Don’t forget to add up your family and friends to make the event even more special. Due to a number of children present you can organize games and mini events to keep them entertained during the party. Special items like magic shows and clown acts will keep everyone from the children to the adults entertained.