Making Some Delicious Dishes This Summer


Summer is the season for sun and lots of fun, but we all know the sun can be ruthless at times. It’s sweltering hot and we are constantly reminded to keep ourselves hydrated to avoid any health risks. It is also a time to get together with friends and family for some old school summer hangouts. Food and drinks are of fundamental importance at these small get-togethers or family reunions, not to mention large scale parties. If you are planning on throwing a party this summer or simply want to try out summer friendly treats, we have some ideas for you.

Refreshing Summer Food

As we mentioned before, summer sun is scorching hot. So you are better off with trying something that is delicious yet light and refreshing. If you are in a mood for some adventurous recipes, we suggest, for instance, you try the likes of making some ice cream. Thanks to the internet getting your very own homemade gelato is not impossible anymore. Gelato ice cream ingredients can be easily bought at almost any store but make sure you buy quality ingredients for a more delectable taste. As per specialists, it is always wise to use whole milk instead of cream for more flavour. You should also try using fruit which is overripe as this intensifies the flavour of your ice cream. Specialists of gelato making also recommend under-churning of the ice cream, as gelato is supposed to be a lot dense than normal ice cream. This would surely make for a summer dessert that would be loved equally by everyone. You could also try other interesting desserts such as individual summer puddings, which are not only easy to present but also a low-fat dessert with lots of fruity goodness. You could bake a yummy yet simple cheesecake sponge for your guests if you are planning on having a small gathering. It is made by adding bits of cheesecake mix into sponge which can ideally be an almond sponge, and chunks of fruit can be added to please your crowd.

Keep it Simple

However, it is important to remember that you also deserve to have some fun this summer. So make sure not to over complicate your new recipes. Pick something you can easily work with and requires little time for preparation. After all, no one likes to spend all their time in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun outside. Therefore, it would be a good idea to stick to fruits and vegetables that can be added to your dishes easily as they are both healthy and nutritious.

Indulging Yourself In A Drink You Love The Most

Do you feel like you’ve had a hard week, full of work? Need to catch a drink at some point in the week? Well this is definitely going to fix your mood swings after having a hectic week at work. A drink could fix anything for many individuals but what can fix it the most is when it the drink you love the most. Most females enjoy their favorite cocktails that keep them moving, while some would love their hard liquor. When you say cocktails, you have a wide variety to select from but most have there one true favorite signature cocktail. Cocktails can put you in the mood anytime of the day. Whether it be just to catch a quick drink after work or whether it be the start to a long night of drinks.

If you take a stroll down Hong Kong streets on any day just before the sunsets, you will be able to walk into any cocktail bar, to get you in the mood. Signature cocktail central, has so much to offer to you, not only in cocktails but also the bites to go along with, while you enjoy your signature cocktail.

Here are couple of the best signature cocktails you can find when you step into signature cocktail central in Hong Kong.

Joe’s ElixerTo a lover of Gin and the fruity pallet, this will definitely suit you. With the mix of the Gin and the flavors of passion fruit, with added ingredients of Chartreus, Ginseng, Shiso topped with berries, this becomes a drink that would fit many. The mixture of Gin and the passion fruit creates a well-balanced cocktail, which is not to strong, to start of your evening of drinks with. The color the mixture of ingredients creates is inviting and keeps you tipsy on your taste buds, all evening, also check this best peking duck in Hong kong.

The Milk TramTo a creamy alcohol lover, this is definitely the drink you want to try. Both in one glass, cannot make it any better, with the combination of the ingredients this cocktail has to offer. With a shot of the finest Belvedere Vodka mixed with vanilla syrup and adding the flavors of almond milk topped with the mixing of matcha tea, egg whites and cinnamon, it creates a true taste of all the ingredients in creamy drink. The spices and flavor of cream that mix in with vodka, creates a flavor that your pallet would want to keep coming back.

Hong Kong Ice tea As the title itself speaks to it, this drink creates a perfect ice tea formula, infused with tequila, give you the little twist an ice tea always needed. Lillet Blanc and black Current mixed with Jasmine Tea creates the perfect blend the cocktail needs. The tequila is the secret ingredient that is mixed with these ingredients that makes the ice tea a signature range cocktail. Many individuals love their daily dose of ice tea and they wouldn’t have enough with twist of tequila in it, making it a perfect cocktail to start an evening off with.

Things You Can Try Out During The Summer Break

If you have already made plans to binge watch your favorite TV show, remember that it is not too late to cancel the plan. Although summer breaks are for chilling, it is important to ensure you learn something during this break. Learning a new skill and expanding your abilities can make your future much easier. The following are some exciting things that you can try out.

Get rid of your aqua phobiaAs you may know, summer and sweat are best friends. Since it is really hot during the season, spending some extra time in water will actually be rewarding. Instead of chilling in your pool or Jacuzzi, try out something new and adventurous. You can either go scuba diving or take surfing lessons. These will not allow you to spend more time outdoors and thereby influence you to appreciate nature, but will also help to get your body into good shape.

Learn how to cookRegardless of whether you are boy or girl, you need to know how to cook. You will definitely appreciate this when you live on your own in the future. Taking culinary classes is not as hard as you think. You can learn recipes in hours. All you need to do is to pick up the basics. Then on, you can just cook on your own by following the instructions in books or in the internet.

Go camping Spending some time in the greenery will not hurt. If you want your summer holidays to be unforgettable and adventurous, then this is the best solution. You can drag some friends along to make it even more fun. You will not only learn how to survive out in the world, but will also learn some basic every day skills at the camp. Your culinary classes will definitely come in handy during this period. Moreover, this is a good opportunity for you to make new friends and learn new skills too.

Earn some cash How about expanding your abilities while making some pocket money? Finding a summer job is a great way to spend your time in a productive way. You can find a job quite easily since many retail outlets offer jobs for high school students. Make sure to pick something that you will enjoy. Otherwise you will be bored and will do a lousy job. You can either save this money for college or spend it on something you always wanted to buy. You can also check this awesome junk boats catering.

Spending you summer break by following any of the above methods is much more fun and productive than playing video games all day. Therefore, think carefully and make a wise decision.

Trend Alert In The Food Industry

It’s not a surprising fact that literarily everything in this world is falling in to a trend. People are on the constant alert on the latest trendsetter and the latest new thing that is bound to take on the related industry by storm. From the high fashion frontlines to the glitz and glam and continuous camera flashes, the food industry is now a top trending talk of the town.Anything that is just as extravagant and over the top with a fancy name is sure to hit the limelight. By chance if you become the legend behind the latest zing, be prepared for plenty of popularity that’s bound to make you dizzy. Nevertheless enjoy it while it lasts as pretty soon you will be out run, outdated and forgotten by someone who has come up with that’s even more innovative and exciting as you were once. Speaking of which, here are some of the ongoing food trends in the market. 

Going green is the new rave

People are more health conscious now than they were few years back. Therefore it’s not surprising to find out if there is a decline in the fast food areas as more people are drawn towards healthy eating. There are more new innovative cafes and dishes that are green tea inspired such as shakes and cookies.

Variety of crafty and over-the-top food

Food experts are on the constant look out in creating the most innovative, exciting or just plain weird kind of food that can be presented. Catering companies Perth are also on verge on creative displays of food platters that will keep guests on their toes.

There is a new demand for the new and hip catering companies that are creative enough to serve food in various types of styles and designs.

Get smoked

The latest culinary arts are on the mode of experimenting with various smoky tastes and techniques that is bound to get you by surprise. Not only meat they are expanding horizons in to smoking vegetables, cheeses and various proteins.

The unity of the locals

The local farmers and marketers are now in great harmony with the culinary experts as they are obtaining more local produce than importing food ingredients. This also encourages the locals to produce more clean and healthy vegetables that’s also packed with plenty of nutrition. By doing so it also benefits the locals and also help develop the economy.

Hydration is essential

Expect the unexpected when restaurants and pubs serve you with beverages that are mixed with alcohol and non alcohol mixed together. This innovation will be great thirst quencher for all those who can’t do without a sip of alcohol.

Why Not Start Your Own Business?

A new generation of street food lovers, nowadays are lining up at many food trailers and food trucks. Food trailers or trucks, like so many other popular trends are now gaining more popularity among street food lovers and with people who are busy such as professionals and students. For people who want to do their own restaurant or food business, this idea is great. For chefs who love to cook can now not only prepare food they love but also make it fresh and in right front of their customers. Also, another great benefit is getting to travel to new and different places and meet new people who will enjoy your food.

If you are person who wants to start their own food business, starting a mobile food business is a great way and idea. There are many places that people can find food trailers for sale such through online or you can do an online search for places selling these trucks and trailers.

It is important to select the right type of food vehicle that will support your business goals, help sell your food in the most effective way and help achieve your dreams. People can now decide and choose their own custom made trailer or readily available food trailers for sale. Both types of these mobile vehicles have their own set of benefits. But some of the common benefits that make the mobile food concept more appealing than before are:

• Mobile food businesses need fewer employees than in a restaurant or café.

• These mobile food trailers or trucks can be found in many popular spots such as malls, bus stations, stadiums, near train stations, conference centres, near corporate offices, flea markets, carnivals, sporting events, parks, near beaches and other locations.

• For people who are busy with work, pressed with time or seeking less expensive and quick breakfast or lunch these movable food trucks are great ways to enjoy a good healthy meal. Now many food trucks or trailers are aiming to have healthy meals for their customers rather than making it a junk or a fast food store.

• A great way to build a strong brand as well as free publicity in advertising your food business.

• One of the main benefits in having a reliable mobile food business is that if your business tends to come to a halt you can always pick a new location and move to another area where your business can prosper once again and help you earn more profits.

• Less costs or overheads in managing a mobile business than handling a restaurant building.

Having Your Child\\\\’s First Birthday

Your children are the most precious gifts God has given you. From the day they were born you can’t help but buy and buy just to give them everything they need to make them feel like the little prince or princess they are.

Soon your Child will be turning one making you wonder how fast time went since they were born. But the wonder goes away fast as you must now plan an amazing first Birthday party! Sure they may not remember it when they grow up but deep down you know your child deserves an amazing first Birthday on this planet since they were born. So where to start?

Selecting the Right Place

There’s no need to spend so much by having an extravagant party your child wouldn’t remember once they grow up by having it in a posh hotel or someplace similar. First birthdays should be homely, though there isn’t anything wrong with having it outside, having it at home is what most families do. But if you decide to have it outside, keep in mind of your budget when selecting halls or other locations. Most places provide additional services of making customized invites with their name on the invitation card making it easier for you.

Handling the Catering and Cake

Selecting the first birthday cake for your child can be a challenge especially due to the wide variety of options present. Most bakeries have websites with pictures of what they have made earlier that you can get an idea from. Some even have the feature of allowing you to customize your cake online and provide birthday cake delivery.

So simply describe what you have in mind and allow them to show you their design. Of course to avoid any misinterpretations it’s best to handle discussions in person so that the baker can understand the dimensions of your cake and every other detail well. Having the option of birthday cake delivery eases you of the worry of transporting the said cake. This is very useful especially if the cake you had in mind consists of many intricate and delicate layers.

When selecting the caterer to your event, you have the option of either having your food delivered just before the event or have the food cooked up while the event is happening. In either case be sure that the caterers are from reputed organizations and are certified chefs. Most of your guests will be young ones after all, so it’s important that the food is good and safe!

Selecting your Invites and Deciding Events

Speaking of young ones, when selecting invites keep in mind that this is your child’s first birthday, so invite many young ones with their parents as well to make it look more like a children’s party than any other. Don’t forget to add up your family and friends to make the event even more special. Due to a number of children present you can organize games and mini events to keep them entertained during the party. Special items like magic shows and clown acts will keep everyone from the children to the adults entertained.

See It Clearly – Choose It Clearly

A special dinner is coming up and until that day you’ll be using the same plates and bowls or basically the dinner set that you’ll be using in the family. It has to be a special occasion that comes up every now and then when you want to pull out the matching sets that can colour coordinate to your table arrangements. There can be times when your entire set is together in one place and some of the plates or bowls are missing then you keep pulling out everything to figure out where you’ve put them then later realizing that they were in another cabinet due to space problem.

This is not the messy person in you speaking for yourself but the problem of not having separate spaces for specific storage but if you had a better arrangement where you can display things more clearly it would have been much easier as well. This is also one reason why people use modular wine racks to have things more organized. The way you need special holders for special items, there are different shelves that can hold your bottles according to your space availability and design requirement. Here you go with some of the styles that you can use for your home.

¨       Stackable

This is the best method that you can use when you have a lot of bottles to store in and especially if you are someone who gets an increasing count of bottles then this can be used to store in your growing number easily. They come in different material; it could be wooden, steel or anything that can hold the weight of each bottle and keep them protected.

¨       Wall-mounted

If you are someone who prefers having a bit of a stylish touch to whatever piece of furniture you have in your home interior then the wall-mounted wine racks for cellar is probably the best it saves ground space as well as add a good look by having them on the wall. This also makes it much easier to find the bottle at a glance. This improves efficiency plus enhances the interior of your house. When you have a visitor, this way it makes it easier for them to access their kind of flavour and brand as by the glass

¨       Floor-piled

Another option would be to have the mainstream form of shelf which usually stays on the ground that’s mostly made in steel. This is actually the oldest or the most traditional type and the most affordable as well. This also enables to store in a number of bottles at the same time.

These are some of the specific types of racks that can be used for your special wine collection to improve the access and enhance the look of your house.