Indulging Yourself In A Drink You Love The Most

Do you feel like you’ve had a hard week, full of work? Need to catch a drink at some point in the week? Well this is definitely going to fix your mood swings after having a hectic week at work. A drink could fix anything for many individuals but what can fix it the most is when it the drink you love the most. Most females enjoy their favorite cocktails that keep them moving, while some would love their hard liquor. When you say cocktails, you have a wide variety to select from but most have there one true favorite signature cocktail. Cocktails can put you in the mood anytime of the day. Whether it be just to catch a quick drink after work or whether it be the start to a long night of drinks.

If you take a stroll down Hong Kong streets on any day just before the sunsets, you will be able to walk into any cocktail bar, to get you in the mood. Signature cocktail central, has so much to offer to you, not only in cocktails but also the bites to go along with, while you enjoy your signature cocktail.

Here are couple of the best signature cocktails you can find when you step into signature cocktail central in Hong Kong.

Joe’s ElixerTo a lover of Gin and the fruity pallet, this will definitely suit you. With the mix of the Gin and the flavors of passion fruit, with added ingredients of Chartreus, Ginseng, Shiso topped with berries, this becomes a drink that would fit many. The mixture of Gin and the passion fruit creates a well-balanced cocktail, which is not to strong, to start of your evening of drinks with. The color the mixture of ingredients creates is inviting and keeps you tipsy on your taste buds, all evening, also check this best peking duck in Hong kong.

The Milk TramTo a creamy alcohol lover, this is definitely the drink you want to try. Both in one glass, cannot make it any better, with the combination of the ingredients this cocktail has to offer. With a shot of the finest Belvedere Vodka mixed with vanilla syrup and adding the flavors of almond milk topped with the mixing of matcha tea, egg whites and cinnamon, it creates a true taste of all the ingredients in creamy drink. The spices and flavor of cream that mix in with vodka, creates a flavor that your pallet would want to keep coming back.

Hong Kong Ice tea As the title itself speaks to it, this drink creates a perfect ice tea formula, infused with tequila, give you the little twist an ice tea always needed. Lillet Blanc and black Current mixed with Jasmine Tea creates the perfect blend the cocktail needs. The tequila is the secret ingredient that is mixed with these ingredients that makes the ice tea a signature range cocktail. Many individuals love their daily dose of ice tea and they wouldn’t have enough with twist of tequila in it, making it a perfect cocktail to start an evening off with.